I call myself a Vocologist, a designation which has only recently come into the voice vocabulary. It is important to state that this designation does not currently carry licensure, nor is it certification to provide speech or voice therapy as defined by the AMA, ASHA and other medical and therapeutic organizations.

That said, I use the label vocologist to designate my special education, training and qualifications which allow me to work with a variety of vocalists on a myriad of vocal problems, from simple overuse issues to those singers who are declared recovered from surgery or other medical procedures by their physicians and looking to transition from a post-therapy phase toward an optimal level of vocal activity.

My qualifications include advanced training in Voice Science (also called vocology) at the Summer Vocology Institute of the National Center for Voice and Speech, and short residences at leading voice clinics around the country.

I was awarded the annual Van Lawrence Fellowship in 2005, a research grant given jointly by the Voice Foundation and National Association of Teacher’s of Singing Foundation to “recognize those who have demonstrated excellence in their profession as singing teachers and have also pursued advanced training in voice science.” The award supports a research project (ongoing) devoted to two common yet misunderstood voice disorders, Muscle Tension Dysphonia and Vocal Fold paresis, (also known as “partial paralysis”).

In all cases, I believe that the vocal goals of artistic expression, persuasion and edification can be best achieved through healthy vocal technique. Please go to Helding Voice Studio for more information.

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