Headline: Taktur og Tregi (Rhythm and Sadness/Blues)

The performance of Lynn Helding and Jennifer Blyth was effortless and faultless; Helding’s unique mezzo-soprano voice has both body and fullness, and shone in these interpretations of songs of sadness. The audience was delighted by their music-making. Their applause brought forth another song, Over the Rainbow, borne up by lyricism and beautiful softness in the high register.

Reykjavik Morgunbladid (Reykjavik, Iceland), June 20, 2000

Headline: In Celebration of Viking Ancestors

…Gudmundur Emilsson, an …Icelandic conductor who recently became the music director of the Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra in Riga, Latvia, brought a chamber version of his orchestra to Miller Theater…for the occasion, he commissioned new works from half a dozen American and Icelandic composers. The program, called “Voyages”, was meant to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the Viking landing in North America. … The third Icelandic work, “Good Night”, a gently evocative vocal work, was rendered gracefully by Lynn Helding, a mezzo soprano.

The New York Times (New York, New York), November 13, 1999

Lynn Helding, a fine mezzo-soprano, performed four songs by Stephen Foster [which] tend to become a bit unnatural when performed by learned singers. Lynn Helding, a gifted singer, performed these songs gracefully. …Things became more interesting in a work by Gerald Shapiro, To Martin, composed this year for the Eaken Trio and Lynn Helding, who sang the work very beautifully.

Reykjavik Morgunbladid (Reykjavik, Iceland), December 1, 1995

The great acting skills of the equally impressive singers make [the] direction work like a charm, creating colorful characters…Lynn Helding provides a captivating portrayal of a bald-headed, bushy-browed and bored Prince Orlofsky, host of the ball.

The Patriot News (Harrisburg, PA), October 29, 1995

Lynn Helding is superb as Butterfly’s devoted servant, Suzuki. Helding’s charming and touching character most successfully and consistently conveys a Japanese sensibility.

The Patriot News (Harrisburg, PA), May 19, 1994

[In] Tennessee Opera Theatre’s production of Così fan Tutte… Lynn Helding as Dorabella was utterly charming, using her lithe figure to great comic effect.

The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee), June 26, 1993

Lynn Helding is an accomplished singer and delivered the three arias by Handel very well… Five songs by Fauré were exquisitely sung, especially “Après un Rêve”. Lynn Helding sang (songs from American musicals) with sincerity and very beautifully.

Reykjavik Morgunbladid (Reykjavik, Iceland), November 28, 1990

It was a privilege to hear and see Rossi’s famous Orfeo move from the pages of operatic history and take shape in the theatre…the episode that told most strongly was Orpheus’ lament at the start of Act III, which at my performance…Lynn Helding cried with passionate intensity.

Andrew Porter, The New Yorker, June 6, 1988

Orfeo is a singer’s work, in the Italian style, and the singers in this production were uniformly excellent. Lynn Helding, as Orfeo, managed to be both forceful and reflective in lengthy dialogues and circumspections, as well as marvelously lyrical. Helding’s voice is rich, yet pretty, and carries well in the hall.

The Herald Telephone (Bloomington, Indiana), April 11, 1988

Carmen’s gypsy friends Frasquita … and Mercedes (Lynn Helding) were consistently a significant presence musically and dramatically. The “plotting quintet” … and the girls’ fortune-telling scene with Carmen in Act III were both pure delight.

Nashville Banner (Nashville, Tennessee), October 13, 1991

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