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“I just wanted to let you know you’ve truly changed my life as a teacher.  I’ve been using some of the techniques from this weekend in my lessons today and…ta da!!!…results in every lesson.  AMAZING! The frequencies aligned for one of my students today and it was truly jaw-dropping. I will be forever changed as a teacher because of your visit. Thank you so much for coming to Alaska and for truly sharing.”

~ Christine Renee Keene, NATS Alaska President

I am moved to write to you to say thank you. I have been going through my notes and recordings from your classes. What a wealth of useful and applicable information you shared with us! Today I had a great warm-up and had what I would call a transformative experience at my performance this evening. Everything felt easy, clear, better placed, and more consistent. … Lots of people commented on the change and how much they enjoyed it. I kept thinking “this is all Lynn”.

~ Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Summer Vocology Institute

“Year after year, Lynn’s work with our students is nothing short of amazing. She has a great facility for quickly and easily assessing a student’s ability level, and a broad base of knowledge from which to draw to give students a concrete method for improvement. … we have witnessed breakthrough after breakthrough as she guided students into a better understanding of their own instruments. … As a musical theatre program we are very fortunate to have found an instructor such as Lynn who is so well-versed in both the traditions of vocal training and the proper use of the Musical Theatre belt technique, stressing throughout the importance of healthy vocal production. … Lynn’s knowledge of up-to-date medical research and techniques is astounding.”

~ Gregory Boris, Managing Director, Next Step Prep Music Theatre Academy

“I just have to tell you what a hit you were with my pedagogy class and with the professional ‘grown-ups’! You do a great job of being articulate and professional while being absolutely “real” and approachable. You have managed to keep that elusive balance between smart science and compelling art.”

~ Theresa Brancaccio Hansen,
 Northwestern University

“On behalf of the students and faculty of the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, I want to say thanks and congratulations for the wonderful presentation you gave to the Indiana University Student Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. The information you provided on motor learning is vital to all who teach physical skills to performers. Your presentation made the topic both clear and engaging. Evidence of your success was the large crowd that attended and the large number of people who stayed after the presentation had concluded, so they could talk with you about the ideas you had presented. It was clear that they found those ideas to be both interesting and useful. I found your presentation to be highly instructive and I plan to use the things you taught me in my studio teaching and in my courses in vocal pedagogy.”

~ Paul Kiesgen, Professor of Music, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

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